Mouting & Laminating
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The advantages of dry mounting have been acclaimed by photographic, fine art studios and museums for many years. Dry mounting of prints or photographs eliminate problems such as discolouration, bubbles and distortion, which are often encountered by the cheap method of wet mounting. We do not wet mount due to the problems associated with discolouration, demounting hassles, bubbles of glue forming tiny mountains in your print.

We do however, spend the extra care and costs of dry mounting to achieve archival purposes specifically related to public spaces where longevity is crucial.

With dry mounting, the print is completely flat when finished.
It is much longer lasting and refuses to demount prematurely.
The glue is a pressure sensitive adhesive on a carrier applied via a press where all chances of a pitted surface are removed.

The possibilities of usage of the dry mounting processes in graphics and promotion areas are unending; architects’ drawings, maps, posters, sale displays, etc., can all enjoy the excellent protection from on-the-job wear and tear.

For a list of substrates (the backing boards) click here:

In any area where professional display presentation is needed, dry mounting has no equal.