Mouting & Laminating
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Laminating is the bonding of a thin transparent plastic film to any visual material.
The protection offered by this process is excellent.

The possibilities for usage of the laminating process for graphic display and promotional areas are infinite.

Lamination methods are quick and efficient. The subject can simply be wiped clean of any grease, moisture and dirt, and therefore be used again and again.
Architects’ drawings, maps, posters, sale displays, etcetera, can all enjoy the excellent protection from on-the-job wear and tear.

Our knowledge of handling large format prints extends into shopping malls and museums.
Take a trip up the Rialto and see our handiwork in the entrance; or next time you’re at the Air Show, you’ll see our technique on much of the display.
Our service in lamination of pull up displays is practically in every corporate office in town.

The laminates we use carry UV inhibitors for the best in slowing down the natural aging of your print.

For a list of types of laminate surfaces, click here. [see Tech Info pages]

The best in the mounting and laminating business is waiting for your projects.